Adult Sunday School Lessons

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Adult Sunday school lessons help keeps church members on the straight and narrow. Sunday school works in concert with the standard church service. Most Sunday schools are small groups that meet prior to the morning or evening service. Lessons emphasize Christian principles and values. The Bible remains at the center of Sunday school lessons. Discussion of specific verses or biblical stories helps participants find perspective on contemporary issues while boosting faith and confidence.

1 The Meaning of Success

Success is an issue occupying many people's minds. Define success in biblical terms using the story of Joshua and Rahab. Differentiating between success and victory is an important biblical distinction. Searching for success in material things is fleeting, while believing in the promise of God is unfailing and the ultimate reward. Joshua and Rahab were successful by having faith in God and -- even though they had ups and downs -- were spared from the destruction of Jericho. Victory is found by battling through hard times and waiting on God's promise. Success is God's reward.

2 Staying Faithful

Remaining faithful in Christ is often difficult for average people. Staying faithful under adverse circumstances is a challenge for even the most devout Christian. Examine the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Read Matthew 28: 1-20 and discuss how Christ came as a prophet of peace and was persecuted and ultimately executed for his love and devotion to God and man. The resurrection assures Christians that Christ is the son of God and will always remain with his people. Remind the class that Christ is constant and no matter how difficult times seem we must remain loving disciples.

3 Godly Wisdom

Making choices about our lives and family are a daily requirement. Focus a Sunday school lesson about relying on Godly wisdom. Take a look at chapters two and three in the book of Proverbs. Examine the issues of health, peace and happiness. These blessings are attainable if we keep God as the focus of our lives. One way to keep God at the front is to rely on his wisdom -- and not human wisdom. Forgo advice columns and self-help books and revisit God's word and Christ's principles for solid judgment and understanding.

4 Social and Cultural Issues

Social and cultural issues affect the lives of all Sunday school members. Bringing these issues into lesson plans allows groups to converse on matters in biblical terms. Explore the theory of a "just war" and open up discussion by asking if such a thing is possible. Is war ever necessary or acceptable? If so, reference it to history and note the conditions that are required for waging war. Alternatively, talk about male and female relationships. Discussing how to avoid temptations, set boundaries and enjoy healthy friendships while centering discussions on maintaining a Godly home.

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