Activities for Auditory Learners in the Classroom

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There are three major ways in which students learn. Some learn visually by seeing and watching. Others are kinesthetic learners, preferring to perform tasks. The third type is the auditory learner. These students learn best by hearing the material. Although most students will utilize two or more of these methods, most have a preferred type. For auditory learners, there are a variety of activities that can help them learn better.

1 Lectures

Although kinesthetic and visual learners may get bored with lectures, it is an effective method for auditory learners. It can even be more effective when combined with class discussions.

2 Oral Presentations

Auditory learners prefer group discussions and class presentations. They like to talk about the class material and hear others discussing it.

3 Auditory Materials

Video and audio tapes help auditory learners. They are even more effective when followed up with class discussions. Books on tape can also help students understand the material. For younger children, learning can be enhanced by reinforcing the material through beats, rhythms and melodies.

4 Phonetic Reading

Rhyming and word games can help children learn to read, as can emphasizing the way words and word parts sound instead of how they look. Auditory learners also benefit by having others read to them. Another helpful activity is to have students read out loud.

5 Memorization

Auditory learners can more easily memorize material by closing their eyes and repeating the information out load. The more they repeat the information, the more they will learn it. This method also helps auditory learners when trying to spell difficult words. Instead of visualizing how a word is spelled, they should repeat the spelling over and over.

6 Tape Record Lessons

Although auditory learners prefer lectures, they do not learn as much from going through their notes as do visual learners. Thus, learning can be enhanced by taping lectures and later having students listen to parts that are still not clear.

7 Study Groups

Putting auditory learners into groups and having them discuss the material is an effective way to study. This allows them to put their ideas into words and hear the ideas of other students.