Popcorn reading can improve academic performance.

Literacy impacts student academic performance. Teachers use a variety of instruction methods to increase reading levels. Educators continue to debate the benefits of the popcorn reading method.


In some cases, popcorn reading, a method of instruction, can improve student reading levels. During popcorn reading lessons, the teacher chooses one student to begin a reading assignment. When the student reaches a stopping point, the student or the teacher randomly selects another student in class to continue reading.


Teachers report that the anticipation of being called upon to read keeps students on their toes and makes them pay attention to the reading. According to the National Education Association, some teachers report that popcorn reading increases reading proficiency.


North Carolina middle school teachers Sally Hundley and Sandra M. Sroka allow students to read as long as they choose before calling on the next student to read. The teachers end the reading activity with a popcorn treat when students remain focused on the exercise.


The spontaneous nature of popcorn reading means that reading comprehension cannot be emphasized. Additionally, slow readers may find reading aloud in front of the class embarrassing.