How to Write a Project System Overview

A project system overview can be a lengthy and detailed report.

A company produces a project system overview when a project is completed. It is used to present the concept or system to other companies, consumers or leaders within the organization. A good project system overview provides enough information that the reader has a good sense of the capacity of the system, what it can do, what it can interact with as well as any special requirements. Preparing a comprehensive project system overview requires a detailed knowledge of the system or the ability to get that information from different individuals familiar with the system.

Describe what the system is and what it does. For example, SAP’s Project System Overview for Project and Porfolio Management states that it “helps you manage the project through its entire life cycle, from setting up a structure, to drawing up detailed plans, to executing and completing the project.” Include what applications apply to specific industries.

Explain how the system works in enough detail for the reader to understand. For example, in the case of the SAP Project System Overview, this includes 14 sub-paragraphs which go into detail from project structuring to producing final reports.

Address any compatibility issues and discuss your system's ability to interact with other systems or products. For example, in the NASA MEDLI Project System Overview, a slide illustrates for the viewer the "MSL Interface Overview" in order to make the compatibility and interactivity as clear as possible.

State any special requirements for using your product such as hardware or software issues. The special requirements may also be industry-specific. Indicate with a sub-header that these are required in order for your product to work properly. For example, in the NASA MEDLI Project System Overview, there is a special slide dedicated to “Requirements Flow” which is elaborated on in bullets as well as with a flow chart.

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