How to Write a Personal Perspective Paper

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One type of essay that is frequently assigned to students is the personal perspective paper. These papers give students an opportunity to voice opinions and feelings about certain topics or events, and they give teachers an opportunity to see how well students communicate and to get to know their students better. Personal perspective papers may be assigned to a specific topic, such as being instructed to write a personal perspective on school dress codes or online bullying, or they may be more open-ended, such as describing an ideal school environment or how daily life has changed since students' parents were in school.

1 Define the topic

Define the topic of the personal perspective paper. You may have a specific topic assigned. If not, focus on a topic that you've recently given thought to or something you feel strongly about.

2 Determine the point or thesis

Determine the point or thesis for your paper. Everything that follows must come from this thesis statement so build on it.

3 Have a clear point of view that

Have a clear point of view that, while informed by reading other perspectives, is your personal view.

4 Back up your perspective with examples

Back up your perspective with examples, research, or anecdotes to clearly communicate your personal perspective on the topic.

5 Organize the paper into a well-defined introduction

Organize the paper into a well-defined introduction, body, and conclusion. The conclusion should echo or tie into the introduction. Any superfluous information should be deleted. Edit for mechanical issues and coherence.

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