When writing an essay, you may want to add quotations to your text to illustrate a point or provide examples to support your essay topic. When you make direct quotes, you must properly cite your sources with the original author and source. To write lyrics in an essay, follow specific formatting guidelines to ensure that you clearly present the lyrics and attribute them to the composer.

Step 1

Introduce the passage of lyrics before you enter them if you are using four or more lines of lyrics. Place the title of the song in quotation marks followed by the composer. Place the page numbers in parentheses if applicable. Finish the sentence with a brief description of the lyrics.

Step 2

Leave a blank line before the block of lyrics. Indent the passage of lyrics five spaces on the left margin.

Step 3

Enter the lyrics, ending each line where the lines end in the original lyrics. No quotation marks are necessary.

Step 4

Leave another blank line after the block of lyrics and continue the essay text.

Step 5

Enter short passages of lyrics (under four lines of lyrics) in the body of essay text. Enclose the lyrics in quotation marks with a forward slash separating lines, if necessary. Follow the quoted lyrics with a parenthetical citation including the composer, source and page numbers (if applicable).