Science projects aren't always a solitary effort; sometimes a lot of different people contribute to the success of a science project and their hard work deserves to be noted. Acknowledgments on science projects are the perfect way to thank everyone who helped you in compiling your data, performing your experiment, researching information, and formatting your science project. These acknowledgments can be included somewhere in print on a report and in a formal presentation with your materials.

Compile a list of everyone who helped with the science project. This could be from anyone who helped you set up your apparatus, to someone who helped you write the abstract, or even just someone who helped you glue your report to a tri-fold board.

Detail how each person contributed to the science project. There is no need to be exceedingly wordy, rather, just a brief description of how each person offered their time and efforts. For example, "Thanks to Jane Q. Public for taking photographs of my experiment over the course of two months."

Include a sentence or two explaining how you appreciate their help under the title "Acknowledgments." This could read something like, "The project coordinator would like to thank everyone who helped in the completion of this science project. Without you this effort would not have been possible."

Place this acknowledgment information before the bibliography in your report print out. You can also include this information on a tri-fold board or somewhere with your science project presentation.