How to Write Up a Science Experiment in 3rd Grade

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Third-grade science projects are many grade-schoolers' first introduction to science and can be very exciting. As a parent, you are in a unique position to encourage your child's interest in science while guiding him in creating a good write-up of his project. Third-grade reports need not be overly detailed or lengthy, but can realistically be structured similarly to the science reports required of students in higher grades.

1 Is

State in one sentence what your experimental question is. In other words, what is the point of the experiment and what are you trying to discover?

2 List

List all of the materials involved with the project.

3 Write out the steps of the procedure

Write out the steps of the procedure, with enough clarity that someone else would be able to pick them up and recreate your experiment.

4 Write out your experimental findings

In a few sentences write out your experimental findings. Summarize any numerical data that you obtained from the experiment and state what you think it means.

5 Make a conclusion about the significance of your data

Make a conclusion about the significance of your data to the experiment.

6 Suggest any future experiments

Suggest any future experiments, similar to this project, that you would like to complete.

Tricia Lobo has been writing since 2006. Her biomedical engineering research, "Biocompatible and pH sensitive PLGA encapsulated MnO nanocrystals for molecular and cellular MRI," was accepted in 2010 for publication in the journal "Nanoletters." Lobo earned her Bachelor of Science in biomedical engineering, with distinction, from Yale in 2010.