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The tradition of giving wedding anniversary gifts dates back centuries. According to a list of traditional gifts, each year of marriage is represented by an item, and each year's gift is more precious than the last. The traditional 10th anniversary gift is tin.


Although tin may seem an odd gift for a wedding anniversary, the gift-giving tradition originated in medieval times, when resources for gift giving were scarce.


The 10-year milestone anniversary is symbolized by tin (or aluminum) because the metal's flexibility can be likened to the flexibility and compromise necessary for a successful marriage.



The traditional anniversary gift list was compiled in 1937 by the American National Retail Jeweler Association. Either tin or aluminum is an acceptable 10th anniversary gift.



In modern times, a suitable gift made from tin may be difficult to find. Tradition also allows for an anniversary gift to be wrapped or decorated in the material for that year. A 10th anniversary present could be wrapped in shiny tin foil or encased in a tin box.



Traditional 10th anniversary gifts made from tin may include a tin coin bank, tin wall art or antique toys made of tin.