What Is the Rank of a Two-Striper in the Military?

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Each branch of the U.S. military employs a rank system that includes a two-stripe insignia. Commissioned and non-commissioned officers both wear insignia that denotes their status, and rank does not denote pay grade.

1 Air Force

The United States Air Force considers a two-striper to be an Airman First Class. Their abbreviation is A1C and their insignia is a chevron with two arced stripes.

2 Army

The Army’s two-striper is a corporal. Abbreviated CPL the insignia is two upside down gold V stripes on a green background.

3 Marines

The Marines use two green stripes to indicate the rank of corporal, abbreviated CPL. The upside down V stripes are on a red background with crossed rifles underneath.

4 Navy

In the Navy, Seaman apprentices wear two angled silver hash marks. A Petty Officer Second Class, PO2, wears an insignia that consists of two red V’s on a dark blue background with an eagle above.

5 Coast Guard

Like the Navy, the Coast Guard uses two hash marks to designate apprentice seamen. Petty Officer Second Class, PO2 has an insignia that consists of two red V’s on a light blue background with an eagle above.

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