What Is a Bidet Towel?

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A bidet towel is used for drying off after using a bidet, a small wash basin used for washing genital and anal areas after using the toilet. Typically a feature in European bathrooms, travelers from other nations are sometimes confused by what to do with the bidet and are also perplexed as to what to do with the towels placed next to it.

1 Understanding the Bidet

In a typical bidet setup, the bidet is placed very close to the toilet to promote easy cleaning. After using the toilet, the user can switch over to the bidet without much movement. In one style of bidet, water jets spray the areas clean, eliminating the use for toilet paper. Some toilet-bidet combos offer the same spraying function, but, in another style, a water basin fills so that you can cup your hands and apply the water yourself.

2 Bidet Towel Etiquette

Generally, bidet towels for public use are placed near the bidet. The towel will be like most others you would expect in a bathroom and may appear to be washcloths or hand towels. Most are made from cotton or terry cloth.

3 Additional Pointers

  • After patting yourself dry, drop the bidet towel into a hamper or container that holds other bidet towels. These towels can be washed, bleached and re-used. * In private residences, some bidet owners assign a particular color towel to each family member. After use, each person hangs them to dry and reuses them.
    * With this in mind, don't take a bidet towel off a rack or hook if it is hanging with several others.
    * On the other hand, a single towel hanging between a sink and a bidet may be a hand towel, so do not use it to dry yourself with it either.

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