How to Treat a Spouse in a Marital Separation

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A marital separation is a stressful period for the entire family unit. If there are children involved, couples have to decide to co-parent in a responsible manner while going through the separation. A marital separation may be an opportunity to resolve problems that have caused the marriage to dissolve. It is also an opportunity to develop new mechanisms for dealing with the anger and stress related to the separation. It is important for couples to treat each other with consideration and respect during and after this period.

1 Talk to your spouse

Talk to your spouse only when you are calm. Walk away from volatile situations where tempers are escalating. Recognize that both of you have contributed to the situation and choose to take a responsible approach to dealing with it.

2 Set up couples

Set up couples counseling sessions so you and your spouse can discuss any issues relating to the separation, such as problems relating to the marriage and how you will deal with children and finances. Choose an unbiased counselor who is experienced in marriage counseling.

3 Create an identity

Create an identity separate from your spouse. Remove any dependencies and use this time to become independent and confident in yourself. Treat your spouse with respect and consideration as much as possible.

4 Provide your spouse

Provide your spouse with your new home address and phone numbers if you are moving out. Let your spouse know how to contact you in case of an emergency.

5 Give your spouse

Give your spouse advance notice if you are planning on re-scheduling a counseling session or a visit with the children. If you are taking the kids away from your spouse for a visit, provide information about where you will be taking the kids and what time you will be returning.

6 Inform your spouse

Inform your spouse if you are dating anyone new. Let your spouse know how you will handle this when it comes to informing your children.

  • Be on time when meeting your spouse. Give your spouse the same consideration you would give to a colleague.

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