How to Tell love fortunes with cards

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It can be interesting to have your fortune read. You can learn about what might happen in your future and what love interests you may have. But what if you don't live in a town with a fortune teller or a tarot reader? There are many ways to tell love fortunes with cards. Some methods do use tarot cards, while others use regular playing cards. Using regular playing cards to tell your love fortune is not difficult, but may take some practice. Following the simple steps below can help you to learn to tell love fortunes with regular playing cards for yourself and others.

  • Deck of playing cards

1 Getting Started

2 Shuffle through your deck of cards

Shuffle through your deck of cards and remove all of the face cards from your deck.

3 Shuffle the remaining deck

Shuffle the remaining deck, the cards that you have removed the face cards from, place them to the side.

4 Go through your face cards

Go through your face cards and pull out either four kings or four queens. This will be dependant on the sex and sexual preference of the person you are reading the cards for. For example, if you are reading for a woman looking to find out information about a possible boyfriend, you would pull the four king cards.

5 Place the cards

Place the cards, either Queen or King, that the person chose in front of them. Have the person identify each of the four cards with someone that is a love interest, a friend or someone in their lives.

6 On your table

On your table, spread the cards, from the remaining deck you have set aside, faced down in front of the person. Have them choose two cards, one at a time. You will use these cards as their relationship cards. Place the cards one on top of the other, face down under the first king or queen card that the person chose.

7 Have person

Now have person choose another card from the remaining deck, this card will represent their family and family life. Now place this card face down under the king or queen card. Keep the family card separate from the relationship cards.

8 Now you will choose one more card

Now you will choose one more card, this card will be their lifestyle card. Again, place the card under the first queen or king card that you have chosen, but being careful to separate it from the relationship cards and the family cards

9 Repeat this process

Now you will repeat this process for each king or queen card that you have chosen. If you have four king cards in front of you, you will choose two relationship cards, a family card and a lifestyle card for each king.

10 Actually begin reading the cards

Now you will actually begin reading the cards from those that the have been chosen.

11 Keeping your piles

Keeping your piles of cards separate based on the king or queen cards, turn them all over so that the faces are up. You will want to overlap the two relationship cards at their corners. This is a way of showing that the cards are directly related to each other and you will be reading them together.

12 Keep in mind

Keep in mind that these cards can be read in different ways. This method is also used as a "younger" group's fortune game to tell how many children they will have and how they feel about the person that relates to the king or queen cards. In this method, ask the individual questions about what they want to know about about the person and relationship.

13 Begin with the relationship cards

Begin with the relationship cards. Look at the card that they chose to represent the particular king or queen. Did they choose a black card or a red card, black denotes a mystery about the individual or a sense of feeling detached from them. Red, however, usually denotes a vibrant , outgoing individual. Depending on the question, you will use the value of the number on the card to add to determine the answer.

14 With the relationship cards

With the relationship cards, because there are two, you will subtract the value of the lower card from the higher card. The higher the value of the number that you are given, the more positive the likely hood of their inquiry coming true.

15 Read the Family cards

Now we will read the Family cards. Again, the outcome depends on the question and the mindset of the individual at the time. They may ask questions as simple as "how many children will I have?" (As the younger set of individuals usually do) Or they may have more intense question. The questions should be kept in a simple answer form, as you will not be able to give "essay" type answers from these cards. Again, use the value of the card number to let you know the likely hood of the event or events happening in the individuals future. 1 = very unlikely, 10 = most likely will happen.

16 Read the lifestyle cards

Now you will read the lifestyle cards for each king or queen chosen. Most lifestyle questions will be concerning money and social status. The higher the number of card that the individual chose earlier, the more financially well off they are likely to be. If the question is more toward their relationship lifestyle (many people use this card as another way of reading the relationships spiritual aspects and not based on finances at all), the higher the number of the card, the more likely it is to be a positive situation.

  • There are many methods of reading both playing cards and regular cards; this is just one of them. If someone argues that you are not reading the cards correctly or giving an incorrect reading, let them know that different readers use different methods.
  • Practice this method several times, before looking to actually do a reading for someone. While the concept may seem strange at first, after practice you will understand the process and be able to read the cards depending on the questions.