Free Teacher Worksheet for the Jungle Book animation movie is available here. Teachers and parents, this is a great printable worksheet that compliments the movie really well.

It is difficult to find free teacher worksheets for kids as many of us teachers and parents already have discovered. Most times you go looking for worksheets, you find out that there is some charge or membership fee to download and get the full printable worksheet version.

There is good news though, if you look hard enough, you can still find some quality free worksheets available like the one below under the resource links. It is based on the movie "The Jungle Book" which was an old movie which was re-made into a Disney movie and an animation. It is a classic story of a child named Mowgli who is raised by Father Wolf and Raksha (his wolf parents that nursed him into a boy.)

The boy grows up surrounded by tigers, bears, and all creatures of the wild. He learns the ways of nature and the jungle and learns much from his animal friends. It's a funny and educational story for children which helps them take a deep appreciation for animals, nature, and our environment in a fun and entertaining way. After watching the movie, your students or children will enjoy completing the fun printable worksheet.