Similarities of City Life & Farm Life

Similarities of City Life & Farm Life

Although city life and country life are entirely different lifestyles, the two share some similarities. This is especially true when some of the cliches of each type of living are examined more closely and found to be inaccurate, like country life being simpler. Participants in both lifestyles are dedicated to a routine and share some of the same basic values.

1 Routine

No matter where a person lives, he generally participates in a specific routine that revolves around his work life. Many city residents get up early in the morning to get to work at the same time every day and return late in the afternoon or early evening. Many people practicing the country life also have specific work habits. Dairy farmers, for example, must get up early every single morning to milk cows and tend to work until the same time every evening. In the same way, an office worker in the city may be obligated to show up at 9 am every weekday morning and work until 5 pm to fulfill his contract.

2 Pace

The city is known for its hectic, fast-paced lifestyle. Businesswomen rush around and put in late hours to meet deadlines and win over clients, often leading stressful existences. Country life, on the other hand, is celebrated for its "simplicity." This notion, however, often proves incorrect. Many people in the country, like farmers, lead extremely busy lives. Farmers must complete a lot of work within a given day, especially during times of fieldwork, and therefore will have just as much pressure on them as city residents, if not more. Many kinds of country life are just as hectic as those in the city.

3 Communities Within Communities

Country residents and city dwellers consider themselves a part of a small community in one way or another. Many country people live in small towns and are an intrinsic part of these villages. Although city people live in heavily populated areas, they often associate themselves with the small section of the city they live in. They are more likely to interact and get to know the people right around them, forming a small community within the large population of the city.

4 Shared Values

There are many values shared among people that have little to do with whether they live in the city or the country. These can include nationalist values, such as American pride, or other human priorities, like love for their family. Both types of people would be willing to help a friend in trouble. They may even share the same faith values, as many of the same religions and types of churches are found in both the country and the city.

Clayton Yuetter has worked as a professional writer since 1999. His writing has appeared in many journals and websites such as The Milk House, The Country Folks, Progressive Dairyman and Three Times Daily. He received a Master of Arts in writing at the National University of Ireland, Galway.