Similarities Between Christian Religions & Native American Religions

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The Christian religion and Native American religions are quite similar in their practice and beliefs. Religious tenets such as responsibility for the Earth as well as those who live in it, spiritual worship, reverence for a supreme being and the repercussions of good and evil provide a striking similarity between the two.

1 The Christian Religion

All Christian denominations believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ and specific beliefs such as the virgin birth, crucifixion and resurrection of Christ, and salvation for those who believe with everlasting life in heaven as the reward and hell as the punishment.

Theologians such as Dr. Alan Gomes, Associate Professor and Chair, Dept. of Theology Talbot School of Theology, further define the Christian religion by belief in the Trinity, defined as God the father, the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ the son of God.

2 Native American Religion

The Native American religion is defined by its culture of love, oneness and connection with nature in body, mind and spirit. Native Americans believe in the "Great Spirit" as the God that has rule over evil and is the one ruling power. In theological terms, they believe in systematic worship services defined by the seasons, where they worship God and the spirits who control nature, evidenced by the seasons.

3 Similarities

The Christian and Native American religions' similarities start with love for God and humankind, as well as a shared responsibility for and oneness with nature. Creation stories are also similar; the Christian religious belief starts with the story of Adam and Eve and the control, given to them by God, over the earth and everything in it to take care of it and live from it. Likewise, the Native American religious belief starts with the Great Spirit as the creator of mankind with a mandate to protect the earth and to live from what comes from the earth.

Christian belief calls for worshiping God, evidenced by observance of the sabbath (whether that is considered to be Sunday or Saturday). Native Americans have a strong sense of worship through regular worship rituals evidenced by dancing, festivals and well known celebrations for each season.

Christian belief holds true to God's supreme deity, power over evil and ownership over all things. Christians also believe that angels provide protection and control over evil for humankind dispatched according to God's promise. Christian belief holds that God will judge the good at death with heaven and the evil with hell. Native Americans believe that God as the Great Spirit is all powerful and controls all. There is a reverence and trust that the Great Spirit will supply rain for crops, peace in conflict and steadiness in seasonal change. Spirits for each season are prayed to. The Great Spirit will judge the immortal soul at death by the good and evil a person does based upon her morality.

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