How to Shave Your Legs for Women

Don't hide your legs because of unsightly nicks.
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Smooth, sexy legs are the ultimate accessory for today's short fashions. Unfortunately, the lather-and-shave method of hair removal that most of us learn in high school leaves enough nicks to make you cover up in pants. If shaving leaves your legs feeling more like sandpaper than silk, it’s time to re-evaluate your technique. In no time, your legs can go from a stubble-covered embarrassment to the show-stopping sexiness required for fashionable skin-baring looks.

Take a shower or bath using warm water. Soak in the water for at least three to four minutes before beginning the shaving process to allow the hair and skin to soften up.

Exfoliate your legs while you are in the shower by rubbing them gently with a loofah using circular motions. Do not exfoliate every time you shave. Instead, only use the loofah once a week.

Squeeze out shaving cream, foam or gel into one hand. Spread the shaving product over all portions of the left leg in a light 1/8- to 1/4-inch-thick layer. If you have dry skin on your legs, opt for a shaving cream, which has a moisturizing lotion in it. If you have trouble with nicks, opt for a shaving gel, which is thicker and protects the skin from cuts.

Place a razor containing a moisturizing strip at the bottom of the leg near your ankle. Pull up on the razor in a smooth motion until it reaches your knee. Return the razor to your ankle area and repeat the process to shave the entire lower half of the leg.

Shave the knee and thigh areas using the same smooth motion, rinsing the razor with water as needed.

Repeat the process to shave the right leg using the same method.

Rinse your legs thoroughly with warm water to remove all traces of the shaving lotion, gel or cream.

Dry your legs by patting them gently with a towel. Do not rub your legs; this can irritate the skin.

Apply a light layer of moisturizing lotion to restore moisture lost during shaving. Avoid lotions containing alcohol, which can burn or irritate any tiny nicks in the skin.

  • Avoid shaving gels or creams that contain alcohol or have a mint scent. These can irritate your skin and cause burning.
  • Avoid using soap to shave your legs, because this causes excessive drying, which can cause nicks.
  • A razor should be good for at least five uses.

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