How to Get Rid of All Tracked Changes in Microsoft Word Permanently

The Track Changes feature has a variety of options to speed up editing.
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Accepting or rejecting Track Changes in Word can get tedious, so Word provides an option to either accept or reject all changes in your document at once. This helps you clear out all the modified text in just a few clicks, which can dramatically speed up your reviewing process. However, it is a tool you should use with care, especially on long documents with many changes.

1 Accept, Reject and Delete

Open your Word document, then click the "Review" tab. To accept all of the Track Changes at once, click the arrow under "Accept," then select "Accept All Changes in Document." To reject all the changes and keep your document as-is, click the arrow under "Reject," then select "Reject All Changes in Document." To delete all the comments and notes in the sidebar, click "Delete" in the Comments category, then select "Delete All Comments in Document." Save your document when you are finished.

2 Considerations

Before accepting or rejecting all changes in your document, review the changes to make sure there aren't any you want to keep or remove. If you decide to accept all changes, review your document again before saving; formatting issues may come up that weren't there before, like combined words, incorrect indentations or extra spaces.

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