You've put together the perfect pedicure, but to your horror, the nail polish smudged before you even had a chance to show it off. This can happen if you applied too much polish or walked around while it was still wet. You don't need to scrap the whole pedicure and start from scratch, though. Fix smudges by smoothing out the bumpy paint with nail-polish remover -- or even your own saliva.

Step 1

Brush clear smudge-repair polish over the smudged nail, then allow it to dry. This product fills gaps and smooths out rough, bumpy nail polish. You can buy smudge-repair polish from almost any store with a beauty department, and it typically costs around $5.

Step 2

Press the tip of your tongue against the smudged nail. The saliva softens the polish and helps smooth it out. This is a useful trick when you're away from home and need a fast fix. Only do it if the polish has dried, though.

Step 3

Dip a cotton swab into acetone-based nail-polish remover. Rub the polish remover gently over the smudged nail polish to smooth it out. Don't remove all of the polish, just the smudged area. Fill the cleaned area back in with the same color nail polish or a similar shade. Apply a clear top coat, then let the nail dry.