An appendix, located at the end of a book or after the reference page in an academic paper, contains supplemental information and research. Each item of extra supplemental information typically requires its own section, differentiated using "A" or "B," and "A1" or "B1" for tables or graphs within each appendix. When referencing one of the appendices from your own essay within the body of the paper, simply refer to the source as "Appendix A" or "B1." When citing an appendix from another work, include the text's publication information.

In-Text Citation

Referencing an appendix from an outside source within the body of your paper simply requires bracketing the author's last name, followed by a comma and the year of publication: (Brown, 2001).

Reference Page Citation

In the reference page, list the author's name, the year, the appendix and the title of the source, the location of publication and the publisher, as follows: Brown, James. (2001). Appendix C of Studies in Psychology. Chicago: Brant Hill Publishers. Italicize the title of the work (Studies in Psychology, in the example). Indent second and subsequent lines of reference page citations.