Before giving a good tarot card reading, you need to handle the cards by shuffling them a lot. Meditate while you shuffle. Think about the 7 main chakras and try to overcome your own prejudices so that you can deliver a mindful reading. Draw 7 cards, meditating on each as you turn it over. As you lay down the tarot cards, leave each in the position to which it was drawn.

The first card is the root chakra and affects our security. It can measure energy levels and how habits are affecting our lives.

In the second chakra, called the sacred or spleen chakra, relationship and sexual issues are indicated by the tarot card. Emotional ties are indicated in the reading.

The solar plexus chakra indicates areas that could be of concern and that we should watch how we handle. Circumstances that are baffling will be represented by this tarot card. We need to be mindful if this card indicates we are worrying about what other people are doing more than watching our own behavior.

The heart chakra is the fourth and indicates our ability to love. The card will show the reader what he or she needs to accept and begin to love unconditionally.

The fifth chakra is the throat energy source. The tarot card in this position tells us about our communication skills and what needs to be done in areas of speaking and writing to help us communicate our true feelings.

The brow chakra is number six. It shows us what we may be looking at in the wrong way. We'll use this card to focus our attention and to see things more clearly in our life.

The seventh chakra is the crown. It shows us the level of our spiritual being and what we can do to reach our highest potential.