What Is a Rationale Statement?

A rationale statement is a written statement identifying a particular teaching method, film or literary work. It is the framework for planning the particular topic being written about.

1 Description

A rationale statement articulates reasons why the writer uses a particular method or work regarding a topic in discussion. They are also used to gain approval for a seminar or workshop one wishes to attend. These statements support a person’s views on the topic and are typically two or three sentences long and describe a method or work.

2 Purpose

Rationale statements are designed to inform readers of the impact the knowledge and techniques will provide the recipients. Teachers often create rationale statements to inform administrators how their particular teaching methods will impact students.

3 Uses

Rationale statements are often used when teachers desire an opportunity to attend a workshop or conference. The rationale statement is created and given to the administrator. The statement informs the administrator of the primary benefits the workshop or conference provides the teacher that will be passed on to students.

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