Indoor Game Ideas for a Kindergarten Classroom

On a rainy day, playing a few games might help keep your kindergarten students entertained. Indoor games will help your students move and expel energy, which will help recharge them for the next lesson. Playing games is also a fun way for students to get exercise while building their self-esteem and learning social skills.

1 Red Light/Green Light

This game requires a larger classroom setting. One child stands on one side of the room facing the wall, while the rest of the children face her from the opposite wall. The child standing alone is the "traffic light," and it is up to her to decide when the children can go or stop. Whenever she says "green light," the children are allowed to take steps toward her. When she says "red light," everyone must stop moving. The first child to reach the "traffic light" wins and gets to be the "traffic light" for the next round.

2 Four Corners

Four corners is a good way to teach kids about directions. Each corner of the room is labeled north, south, east or west. One kid is “it” and sits at a desk with his head down and his eyes covered. The remaining students go to one of the corners of the room as quietly as possible while "it" counts to 10. Before "it" looks up, he must name one of the corners: north, south, east or west. The students standing in this corner are “out” and must sit down. This continues until one student is the last one standing.

3 Heads Up/Seven Up

Seven students are chosen at random to stand in the front of the classroom. The remaining students sit at their desks with their heads down, eyes covered and their thumbs up. Each of the seven chosen students goes around the classroom, chooses one child and pushes her thumb down. Once the seven have chosen someone, they return to the front of the room. The seven tapped children then stand up and try to guess who tapped them. If a student guesses correctly, he gets to move to the front of the classroom and take the position of the child that chose him. If he guesses incorrectly, he sits back down.

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