Fun Ways to Learn Spelling Words

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Learning spelling words can be a dreaded activity for many students, their teachers and even their parents. Luckily, there are ways to make learning spelling words fun, from worksheet activities to classroom games and hands-on activities. Use some simple ideas to make learning spelling words fun, and you'll never have to worry about your child or students complaining about having to learn them again.

1 Puzzles

Use spelling words in crossword or word search puzzles. Your child will have to think about how to spell each word in order to fit it properly into the crossword boxes, or to find it in a word search. You can create your own crosswords and word searches using graph paper, or you can use a free online program such as Puzzlemaker, which is popular with teachers (see Resources).

Vocabulary Builder

2 Games

Many spelling word games can be played in a classroom. One such game is called "Sparkle." The teacher says the spelling word, and each student recites one letter of the word in order. If a student says the wrong letter, he or she is out and must sit down. Once the word is spelled correctly, the next student must say "Sparkle" and he or she is also out (this last step makes the game go faster and ensures an end to the game). This game can also be played between a parent and child. Another way for a child to learn spelling words in a game format is to create a cheer for each word, or to play "Spelling Charades." As the parent acts out the word, the child guesses the word, then has to spell it correctly.

3 Hands-on

Hands-on activities are especially good for children who have learning disabilities. Instead of writing the word, have your child spell it using alphabet blocks or magnetic letters. Alternately, the child could create letters out of clay, Popsicle sticks or any other manipulative tools. Visual learners do well if they can draw a picture for each word, incorporating the letters of the word into the picture.