As a poetry writer, you may want to check your work and see if it someone has plagiarized it or if you have unintentionally plagiarized the work of others. The Internet provides an easy source for plagiarizing work but also a source to find that plagiarism. Plagiarizing may be a violation of copyright laws and can cause professional ruin to those affected.

Copy part of your poetry text and paste it into a search engine box. Click "Search." Evaluate your results to see if you've found similar, matching phrases.

Go to the Plagiarisma.Net site and enter in your text, or upload a file. If you have a Web page, you may also enter your URL address. Click "Check Duplicate Content." Evaluate your results for uniqueness and originality.

Go to the Article Checker site and enter in your poetry text, or if you have a Web page enter your URL address. Click which search engine you would like your results compared to and then click "Compare." Check your search results to find the total percentage of matched phrases.

Go to the Dustball site and click on "The Plagiarism Checker." Enter your text and click "Check Paper." Evaluate your results to determine if you suspect plagiarism.

Review your cumulative results of all your searches. By now, you will have a good idea of whether you may have unintentionally plagiarized. You may also investigate further into possible plagiarism by becoming a member of websites that contain plagiarism checking software.