You are smoking a cigarette and all of a sudden the fire simply falls off of the end of your cigarette. Sure you can relight it, but wouldn't you rather keep that cherry from falling off and possibly causing a fire? This article will tell you how to pack cigarettes in pack before you have this problem.

Packing Cigarettes in the Pack

Step 1

Gather the materials needed and do not remove the cellophane from the cigarette pack.

Step 2

Turn the pack upside down and hold it by the front and back close to the bottom of the pack. Do not put your finger on the bottom of the pack because it will cause the bottom to cave in and crush the cigarettes.

Step 3

Packing cigarettes tightly requires you to force the cigarette pack down hard on the table top or counter top. You will have to repeat this several times before packing is complete. As you force the pack down on the table or counter top, allow the pack to slide slightly through your fingers. Make sure you hit the pack squarely on the table or counter top. If you hit the pack on one edge or the other it will crush the pack and possibly the cigarettes inside.

Step 4

Turn the pack right side up and remove the cellophane. Open the cigarettes as usual and pull out a cigarette. Look at the tip of the cigarette and see how the tobacco is packed down towards the filter now.