Music Games for Middle School

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Middle School Music curriculum gives students an opportunity to learn about musical rhythms, tempo, pitch, tone and a variety of musical styles and genres. In order to get the middle school student excited about curriculum, try several interactive games that can be played to reinforce concepts learned in class. Games that allow students to test their musical knowledge and practice important skills take just a little preparation and are sure to get all students involved.

1 Rhythmic Chairs

A fun spin on musical chairs is to incorporate the concept and study of rhythm. Middle School students are often taught about different patterns of rhythm. The game begins by setting up a circle of chairs that are arranged like an ordinary game of musical chairs. The same rules apply as a regular game. Participants must walk in a circle while music is being played. When the music stops each participant must find a place to sit. The one person without a chair is considered "it". This person is given a flashcard that has a rhythm pattern written on it. The objective is to try and clap out the correct pattern without any errors. If the player is able to model the pattern correctly he or she gets to remain in the game. If not, the players is dismissed from the game. The different patterns that are used to play the game should come from the rhythms studied in class.

2 Name That Song

Middle School students are at an age when they are learning about their own musical preferences and tastes. A wonderful way to test their love for music is with a game of "Name That Song." Students can be divided into two teams. Each team has one member compete against the other. A portion of a song is played. The portion can come from any part of the song desired. The objective is for players to correctly identify the name of the song and the artist who sings it, without having to hear the entire song. The team with the correct answer wins a point for his or her team.

3 Create a Song

Music games can also give students a chance to test their creativity. A great way to do this is with a game of "Create a Song." Students can play the game as an entire class. The class arranges their seats into a circle. An instrumental song is played and the instructor begins the game by singing the opening lyrics (one or two lines) of a made up song. The objective is to go around the circle and have each student add on two lines of the song. There can even be a recorder in the classroom so that the entire song is saved at the end of the game. This way students can see what they were able to come with.

4 Connecting to High School

Middle School Music curriculum and activities are often implemented with an end goal in mind. As students complete each grade level they obtain important skills associated with what will be expected of them with high school curriculum. Components such as creative expression, the study of different time periods and genres of music, and music theory are all introduced at the high school level. Middle school music games that provide opportunities for understanding future curriculum are applicable with the games described.

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