How to Build a Stomach Model

Whether it is for an anatomy class, a science fair or another classroom activity, making a model of a stomach is a quick project that will result in a paintable model. When you have made your stomach, you can add the muscles or any other detail you desire using acrylic paints. These instructions will help you make a fairly durable, lightweight model stomach that will be practical for transporting to your school.

Decide on the size of the model you wish to create. If you plan to make a model approximating life size, you will need to inflate a round balloon.

Form the model magic around the balloon (or into a ball if you are not using a balloon). The model magic needs to have a support in the center if it is to dry correctly when making large models. This is what the balloon is for.

Pull (or add another piece of model magic) to create the oblong shape that is standard for a stomach. Depending on which animal's stomach you are modeling, you may have to add quite a lot more model magic. Look at your picture or diagram to figure out what shape you need to make.

Roll more model magic into thick cylinders and cut them to size with a butter knife to create the tubes leading to and from the stomach.

Attach the tubes from Step 4 to the correct sides of your model stomach. Smooth the seams with your fingers.

Allow the finished project to dry for several days before painting, if desired.

Shelley Kishpaugh has written numerous articles for Demand Studios and Helium on a wide variety of topics, and she is currently writing a children's book. Kishpaugh received a B.S. in psychology from the University of Colorado and has been writing professionally since 2007.