A List of Thesis Topics for Business

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Research in business studies is often an interdisciplinary pursuit, taking important business ideas and injecting theories and studies from numerous other arenas, including sociology, psychology, economics, geography and international relations. When considering a thesis topic for business, this should be taken into account. Thesis topics will require surveys of businesses currently in operation and can provide suggestions for business operations in the future, based on research findings.

1 Business Clusters

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A 1999 journal article in “Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers” described the importance of business clusters in Britain and their relationship to local economic development. The idea of business clusters centers on physical groupings of like businesses in a town or city. One thesis idea would be to examine business clusters in a different major metropolitan city. Another would be to focus on specific clusters, like those of international import or export businesses, and compare them to similar groupings in different cities across the world in relation to the economy. These thesis topics incorporate business, geography, economics and other disciplines.

2 Gender and Small Business

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Gender is an important issue in the workplace and researching the effects gender has in small business workplaces and practices makes for a thesis topic that incorporates business, sociology, gender studies and other interdisciplinary topics. Perform a survey of small businesses in urban and rural communities within a specific geographical setting, for instance. Look for differences in pay among employees of different genders and see whether there is a difference in urban or rural communities. Also look for whether or not the gender of the business owner has anything to do with the success of the business and, if so, why that might be.

3 E-Business and Wealth

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Business conducted online is steadily growing as more companies are creating an online presence, while many new companies are popping up fully online. These e-businesses, like all business, must decide the best ways to generate wealth and value within their given parameters, namely the Internet, as opposed to physical dealings. A thesis topic can involve the ways that e-businesses generate wealth and value and how those ways differ from traditional businesses before the Internet boom. It can suggest whether or not e-businesses have any advantages or disadvantages and then suggest whether or not businesses without an Internet presence should make one. Surveying both large and small businesses from around the world will help this thesis garner an international, well-rounded perspective.

4 Small Business Takeover

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Corporate takeovers occur in various ways, such as through mergers and acquisitions. They also create numerous and important changes that can effect employees, the market and even other countries, in the case of an international takeover. Write a thesis on the far-reaching effects of corporate takeovers. These can include corruption in host countries based on cross-national takeovers, for instance. It can also focus on effects on employee contracts and the restructuring of a company after it has taken over another.

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