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In the biblical books Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, there are 39 parables that are spread throughout the King James Version of the Bible. Many of the parables are repeated throughout these four books, with the majority of them in Matthew, Mark and Luke. Parables were used by Jesus Christ to teach others how to live life his way. A parable is defined as a metaphor or simile, within a story format, used to illustrate a spiritual value.

Jesus' parables were filled with imagery related to life on Earth and always had an hidden message. Many of his parables were spoken to his disciples and followers during his lifetime. However, the parables Jesus told were not understood by everyone who heard them.

1 The Gospels of Matthew Parables

In the Book of Matthew, there are 20 parables listed in the King James Version.

In the fifth chapter (5:14-16), the first parable is Candle Under a Bushel. The seventh chapter has the parable A Wise Man Builds on Rock and a Foolish Man Builds on Sand (7:24-27). The ninth chapter has two parables, New Cloth on an Old Garment (9:16) and New Wine in Old Wineskins (9:17).

The 13th chapter has seven parables. The Sower (13:3-23) and The Tares (13:24-30) are the longest parables in this chapter. The other five parables are The Mustard Seed (13:31,32), The Leaven (13:33), The Hidden Treasure (13:44), The Pearl of Great Price (13:45,46) and The Net (13:47-50). In the 18th chapter there are two parables, The Lost Sheep (18:12-14) and The Unforgiving Servant (18:23-35).

The 20th chapter has The Laborers in the Vineyard (20:1-16), while the 21st chapter has the The Two Sons (21:28-32) and The Wicked Husbandmen (21:33-45). In Chapter 22, The Wedding Feast (22:2-14), and in Chapter 24, The Fig Tree (24:32-44) parables are listed. In the 25th chapter, The Wise and Foolish Virgins (25:1-13) and The Talents (25:14-30) round out the parables in this book.

2 The Gospels of Mark Parables

In the book of Mark, there are nine parables.

Seven of them repeat parables in the Book of Matthew, while the other two are new entries. The ones that repeat are New Cloth on an Old Garment (2:21), New Wine in Old Wineskins (2:22) and Candle Under a Bushel (4:21,22). Others include The Sower (4:2-20), The Mustard Seed (4:30-32), The Wicked Husbandmen (12:1-12) and The Fig Tree (13:28-32). The two new parables introduced are The Growing Seed (4:26-29) and The Absent Householder (13:33-37).

3 The Gospels of Luke Parables

In the Book of Luke, there are 18 parables that are new and 10 that are repeated.

Chapter Five includes New Cloth on an Old Garment (5:36) and New Wine in Old Wineskins (5:37,38). Chapter Six features Wise Man Builds on Rock and a Foolish Man Builds on Sand (6:47-49).

Chapter Seven has The Creditor and Two Debtors (7:41-43). Chapter Eight has The Sower (8:4-15).

Chapter 10 tells The Good Samaritan parable (10:30-37). In Chapter 11, you will find A Friend in Need (11:5-13) and revisit The Candle Under a Bushel parable (11:33-36). In Chapter 12, there are three parables, The Rich Fool (12:16-21), The Faithful Servant and The Evil Servant (12:35-40) and The Faithful and Wise Steward (12:42-48). Chapter 13 features three parables, The Mustard Seed (13:18,19), The Leaven (13:20,21) and The Barren Fig Tree (13:6-9).

Chapter 14 parables include The Great Supper (14:16-24) and Building a Tower and a King Making War (14:25-35). Chapter 15 parables are The Lost Sheep (15:3-7), The Lost Coin (15:8-10) and The Prodigal Son (15:11-32).

Chapter 16 has the The Unjust Steward (16:1-13) and The Rich Man and Lazarus (16:19-31). In Chapter 17, the parable included is Unprofitable Servants (17:7-10).

Chapter 18 parables are the The Importunate Widow (18:1-8) and The Pharisee and the Publican (18:9-14). Chapter 10 features the The Minas, or Pounds (19:11-27).

Chapter 20 features The Wicked Husbandmen (20:9-19). The 21st chapter tells the parable of The Fig Tree (21:29-33).

4 The Gospels of John Parables

Although there is no mention of parables in this book, there are two that retell parables from the previous books. In the 10th chapter, The Good Shepard (10:11-18) is told. In the 15th chapter, The Vine (15:1-5) parable is rehashed.

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