Ideas for Social Studies Academic Fair Projects

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Social studies is meant to teach students about human social structure and how people live in society. Depending on what your social science strengths are, you can easily get some hot ideas for social studies fairs. Think about what you love about social studies: Is it religion, psychology, geography, history, economics or government? Choose a great theme for your social studies academic fair project and start there.

1 Ideas for History Projects

If you’re concentrating on history, why not tackle a challenging project such as researching and understanding Egyptian hieroglyphics, creating a viable theory on how the pyramids were made or building a social hierological structure of the ancient Aztec civilization?

2 Ideas for Geography Projects

The geography of a people helps make them who they are. A cool project that not only involves geography but also the human race is evolution: How did the human species undergo evolution in different continents? Other good social studies project ideas involve the study of the evolution of culture in different geographical populations, or perhaps a story on the Cuban experience.

3 Ideas for Political Projects

Political-theme projects could include the analysis of specific political issues from the past decade. What makes people opt for specific politicians? What’s happening in Egypt, Libya or Bahrain?

4 Ideas for Economics Projects

If you’re a business-minded person, you might appreciate doing a project on economics. Ideas for you: Investing for children, doing research on how a country’s economy gives it superpower status or even understanding how and where adults prefer to invest.

Since 2008 Kaycee Whitney has been tutoring students in the areas of English and mathematics and has more recently started working as a copywriter in Florida. She is working on bachelor's degrees in elementary education and criminology from the University of Miami.