Good MLA Research Paper Topics

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Deciding on a topic for a MLA-style research paper can be difficult and frustrating. Your topic must be relevant and there must be enough information on the subject to write a complete and informative paper. The topic you chose must interest you, but you have to maintain your objectivity at all times.

1 Political Science

If the research paper was assigned in a political science class, a great topic with plenty of information available is international relations. Research can be conducted on one of the several theories associated with the field, such as realism or constructivism. You can use your research and apply to a high profile current event to highlight why these theories have come about and why they may or may not be pertinent in today's world.

2 Business

If the research paper was assigned in a class that deals with the principles of business or business administration, you writer can chose to research a specific company and its management. You can draw conclusions relating to the success or failure of that business and attempt to pinpoint the reasons for this outcome. You can incorporate business principles into the paper and highlight why certain types and styles of management may be productive or counterproductive. Information on businesses and management is readily available.

3 Education

If the research paper is assigned in a class associated with education, you can write the paper on recent legislature, such as the No Child Left Behind Act that affects all aspects of education in the country. You can break down the contents of such a bill and explain all of its provisions and their intended results. Through research you can demonstrate why the provisions of this bill may help or hurt the country's educational system.

4 Philosophy

If the paper was assigned in a philosophy class, you can choose a topic such as utilitarianism and through research describe who developed the theory, why it was developed and its consequences for society.

Andrew Cohen is an aspiring writer from New Jersey who focuses on international relations and political theory. He has been writing seriously for over five years. His bachelor's degree is in political science with a minor in history.