Conclusion to Globalization Projects

Conclusion to Globalization Projects

Globalization is a broad, contentious, multifaceted issue that affects people and cultures around the world. Whether your project is a short paper giving an overview of what globalization is -- or a detailed examination of one of the myriad issues globalization raises, the conclusion of your globalization project should reiterate your project's main point and offer thoughts, actions and points of examination for increasing our understanding of globalization.

1 Summary of Project

Summarize the main finding or investigative topic of your globalization project and reiterate why it is important. A project summary often works well as the first part of a conclusion. For example, if your project concerned the effects of globalization on "food sovereignty" in Third World countries, you could start your conclusion by writing, "The question of how globalization affects food sovereignty in Third World countries is vitally important because food sovereignty, or lack thereof, may affect a country's social and even political stability."

2 Benefits of Globalization

Describe one or more potential benefit of globalization in the conclusion, especially if your project examines globalization in general rather than a specific aspect of, or issue raised by, globalization. For example, you may write how some experts contend globalization creates wealth, which in turn raises the prospects and quality of life of people in the affected countries. Or, if your project focused on the social and cultural impact of globalization, you could describe the potential of globalization to increase tolerance and understanding amongst people of different religious and ethnic groups.

3 Negative Aspects of Globalization

Cover one or more potential negative aspects of globalization in the conclusion. Writing about the negative as well as the positive aspects of globalization, or vice versa, demonstrates you possess a thorough and nuanced understanding of the issue. Potential negative aspects of globalization you could touch on in the conclusion include the exploitation of workers by multinational corporations in countries with lax human rights and labor protections, environmental degradation caused by rapid development, or increased global energy consumption as more and more people move into the middle class.

4 Future of Globalization

Conclude your globalization project conclusion with a discussion of the future of globalization as related to your specific project topic. This discussion could take the form of a prediction about how globalization will affect the world in the future, a wish (such as, "It is the author's wish that globalization will continue to foster dialogue and understanding amongst the diverse cultures of the world"), or a question or point of inquiry about globalization that should be pursued.

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