Don't Let Black Magic Make You Batty!

The world of black magic can be a very intimidating world if you allow it to be. There is nothing more dark or scary than that which you fear. Therefore, the key to conquering the power of black magic is simple yet complex. Do not acknowledge the presence of evil or that which is negative in nature.

Realize the fact. Only you can protect you. Have faith and willpower. Be determined to help yourself.

Refuse to acknowledge the presence of evil and or negative energy. Focus on good thoughts. Create an aura of positive energy. Allow your heart to ignore anything menacing or dark.

Deny permission to any magical attack altogether. Build a wall of defense in your mind and heart. The strength from within will be your light and shield. Have total confidence and trust in that wall to keep you safe from harm.

Do not believe in anything magical. Write it off as mere fantasy and the stuff movies are made of. Do not accept the possibility of its existence because then it cannot have power or control over you.

Avoid any magical offense. Develop the stance of total inner and outer peace and harmony. Do not give into a fight of any kind. Ward off evil and negative energy by the decision of non-aggression.