How to Overlap Navy Medals

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U.S. Navy medals are worn on a variety of uniforms. When you receive your first through fourth medals, attachment is fairly simple, making a simple row across your chest. However, as you gain medals, you will need to decide if you want to overlap them or stack them. If you decide to overlap, be aware that there are specific guidelines regarding placement and number of overlapped medals. Following these guidelines will help your overlapped medals look organized and professional.

Organize your medals in order of precedence.

Decide how many medals you want across the top row and how many you want to put on a second row. Men can have a maximum of seven overlapped medals. Women can have a maximum of five. For mini medals, men can have a maximum of 10 overlapped, whereas women can have 8.

Detach the metal bar from the back of the ribbon of the medal. Normally, this bar would allow for easy, stiff sliding onto the bar rack, but you will want your medal’s ribbons to be more malleable.

Slide your medals onto the medal rack, starting with the top, furthest left. Move it into place on the far left of the rack. Slide your next medal from the right side of the rack. Pull it up over the first medal. Do not cover more than half the first medal with the second medal.

Continue with the rest of the medals so that you cover the entire medal rack. Ensure your overlaps are uniform. One medal should not cover another medal any more than any others. Also, the medal to the furthest right should be fully exposed.

Follow with the next row or rows if necessary.

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