How to Make Pure Nicotine

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Nicotine in its pure state is one of the deadliest poisons known to humans. Popular for pest control purposes since the late 1800s, nicotine is most frequently used in very small quantities in cigarettes. For whatever use, though, straining pure nicotine from the plant, or from cigarettes, is a relatively easy but very dangerous process.

1 How to Make Pure Nicotine

2 Procure chewing or pipe tobacco

Procure chewing or pipe tobacco. Nicotine is contained within this product, and to get it out in a pure state, it has to be modified.

3 Place the tobacco in a bowl

Place the tobacco in a bowl. Fill the bowl with just enough water to cover all of the tobacco and let it soak overnight.

4 Strain the mixture

Strain the mixture through a paper towel into a pot. Once all of the slurry has been poured out, wring the paper towel into the pot with the rest of the liquid but make sure none of the tobacco grounds fall out of the paper towel. Throw away the grounds and the paper towel.

5 Boil the liquid in the pot

Boil the liquid in the pot. The more water that is boiled away, the purer the nicotine that's left behind will be.

6 Collect the nicotine

Collect the nicotine. A spoon or scraper should be used to avoid contact, and the nicotine should be stored in a sealable container. The nicotine should be the consistency of syrup at this point and should be handled with great caution. Wearing eye and hand protection is highly recommended.

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