How to Locate an Army Reserve Unit

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With 30 individual command units in charge of nearly 1,700 subordinate units, the United States Army Reserve has installations and facilities throughout both the United States and the world. Although they are widespread, finding the location of these units is a fairly straightforward process that can be done either at home or with the help of Army personnel. Locating these units can be useful for those interested in a career within the USAR.

1 Via the Internet

2 Log on to a computer with Internet access

Log on to a computer with Internet access and visit the USAR's official website (see Resources).

3 Look

Scroll down to the bottom of the homepage and look under the heading "Looking for Army Reserve Unit Websites?"

4 Click on a specific type of command

Click on a specific type of command. These commands are divided into three subcategories: operations and functional commands, support commands and training commands.

5 Search through the list of commands

Search through the list of commands and click on one that is of specific interest. This is most useful for parties searching for the location of USAR units that specialize in a career field they are interested in joining. For instance, those interested in Army Aviation might click on the 11th Aviation Command in Fort Knox, Kentucky.

6 View the command's website

View the command's website. In most cases, the command will have a link on its page entitled "Subordinate Commands," which allows users to further break down what units fall under the jurisdiction of each command and the location of each one. Using the earlier example, the 11th Aviation Brigade provides a map on its site listing each of its units around the country.

7 Call the command

Call the command, if necessary, using the phone number provided on each command's webpage. Speak with Army personnel and determine if there is a location near a certain area or ask for a list of units under their jurisdiction.

8 In Person

9 Visit the Army's

Visit the Army's recruiter locating tool on its recruiting webpage (see Resources).

10 Enter the zip code

Enter the zip code of a nearby location in the box labeled "Zip Code."

11 Click the box

Click the box that best describes the desired type of service. For instance, those interested in enlisting would check "Enlisted," while those interested in joining as a health care professional would click "AMEDD."

12 Click the box entitled Army Reserve

Click the box entitled "Army Reserve." Once these steps are complete, click the "Search" button.

13 Find the nearest Army Reserve recruiter to the location provided

Find the nearest Army Reserve recruiter to the location provided. Use the contact information provided to get in touch with the recruiter by phone, through email or in person.

Request information regarding unit locations in the area of interest.

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