How to Find Unique Containers for Cremated Remains

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Unique containers for cremated remains are in demand. Family members and friends looking for a special way to preserve and memorialize these remains turn to the art world, jewelers and even rocket scientists to find just the right way of making that last goodbye to this life match the spirit of the departed.

1 Choose a work

Choose a work of art to hold the remains of a loved one. The English burial service calls for "ashes to ashes, dust to dust," but a biennial art exhibit recasts this image as "ashes to art." Funeria, a Sonoma, California, arts agency and exhibit organizer, invites artists to submit their creations specially designed to hold cremated remains. The vessels selected for the exhibit include a stainless steel rocket ship, cast bronze statuettes, carved wooden boats, hand crafted ceramic and stoneware urns, and vessels made of bamboo, rice paper and bronze, among others. All of the unique containers are for sale. See the Resources section for more information.

2 Launch the cremated remains

Launch the cremated remains of a loved one into space. Memorial Spaceflights makes the poet's statement, "I have slipped the surly bonds of earth," a reality with their service. For a hefty price, this team of rocket scientists will load a loved one's ashes into the nose cone of a rocket and launch them into space. See the Resources section below for details and lift-off schedule.

3 Make a fashion statement with cremation keepsake jewelry

Make a fashion statement with cremation keepsake jewelry. For those who want to keep a loved one's ashes on constant display and always near, several companies offer sealed pendants, lockets and bracelets as wearable memorials. They offer many choices of precious metal and jeweled glass containers for the remains. See the Resources section for examples.

4 Show the world

Show the world how precious your loved one really is by having the ashes made into a genuine diamond. "Diamonds are forever" takes on a whole new meaning with this unique process. You can choose to have the remains made into a high-quality diamond in various carats, cuts and clarity. Once the diamond is formed, you can also choose the appropriate ring setting or brooch to display it. See the Resources section below for details.