Cleanse your dwelling of negative energy with a house exorcism.

Exorcisms are often referred to as "cleansings," and cleansing a new house or your current space is a task that requires a willingness to open your mind to mystical pathways. A house cleansing or exorcism requires a certain level of spirituality, which doesn’t mean that you have to be religious, but simply that you believe in mystical or spiritual beings. An exorcism doesn't mean that the devil or demons are in your house; you may simply believe that a spirit that is a source of negative energy is in your house and affecting your life. This ritual, with roots in Native American culture and paganism, is for an average person to perform without the help of a priest or priestess, minister or other spiritual leader.

Making a Smudge Stick

Gather together the sage branches and tie them to form a smudge stick. Fold them in half to make a thicker stick if necessary; you need a stick that is approximately 2 inches around when tied together.

Wrap the sage tightly with yarn or string, starting at the top and wrapping loops down to the bottom, making each loop about 1/2-inch apart. Tie an additional loop at the top to keep the yarn in place. Tie it off at the bottom around the last loop.

Hold the smudge stick in your hands and close your eyes. Visualize positive energy flowing into the sage from your hands to add power to the sage smoke as you cleanse the dwelling.

Cleanse the Dwelling

Light the top of the smudge stick by holding it over a flame until it is burning evenly; when it’s ready, it will smoke quite freely.

Wave the smudge stick around the room, starting in the back part of the dwelling, moving toward the main entrance. Smudge each room by walking the perimeter and allowing the smoke to fill each room.

Wave the smudge stick around each window in every room as well. As you smudge each room, doorway and window, repeat: “I banish all negative energies, spirits and ill will from this dwelling. Go now and do not come back.”

Smudge each room until the entire dwelling is finished, including the main entrance. Smudge the main entrance by going around the door frame three times, saying each time: “By the powers of three times three, only positive energy shall enter thee.” End with a positive statement as you want to attract positive energy to the dwelling.

Put the sage outside until you are finished, even if it is still burning. You will dispose of it at the end of the house exorcism.

Putting Up Wards

Take the sea salt and sprinkle it on each windowsill and across every doorway in the house. Salt has traditionally been used as a powerful element to banish evil energy and protect you and your house from evil spirits.

Sprinkle a small pile in the corner of each room to create "wards" around each room for protection.

Sprinkle the salt in a large perimeter around the house on the outside to add another layer of protection from negative energies. Save extra salt to reset the wards when you feel it is necessary.

Closing the Ritual

Dig a small hole outside with the trowel and place the sage inside.

Cover the sage with salt to keep any negative energy trapped in the hole. Cover the hole with dirt.

Cleanse your own energy by taking a shower or bath. Eat or drink something immediately after a house cleansing to recharge your energy and ground yourself.