The medicine bag, in one form or another, is used in many cultures around the world. Medicine bags can hold anything that help you along your spiritual path, including crystals, herbs, essential oils, feathers, found objects and more. While you could buy a medicine bag, making your own makes it more personal.

Cut a rectangular strip of pliable leather measuring 9-inches tall and 4- or 5-inches wide. Cut the top edge of the strip so that the edges are rounded to create the flap of your medicine bag. Medicine bags are traditionally made of leather; however, a piece of sturdy canvas works as an alternative.

Fold the bottom edge, or squared end of the leather up one third and sew the edges together to make your medicine bag. If your leather has a definite right and wrong side, fold the strip so that the right sides are together. When finished, turn the bag right-side-out to hide the stitching.

Use a soldering iron or wood etcher to burn designs into medicine bag. Make symbols or pictures that are important to you, such as your power animal or totem, astrological signs or other designs that are significant in your life.

Sew strings to the bottom edge and lip of the flap, add a button and hole or use a punch-snap if desired to keep your bag closed. Add any other final touches, such as shoulder strap or belt strap. These details are all based on personal choice, as some people don't like to seal their medicine bags, and others keep their bags tucked away and out of sight.

Fill your medicine bag with objects that bring you personal power or help you in your daily medicine. What you carry in your bag is up to you; but you should carry deep meaning as a representation of yourself.

Things Needed

  • ['Scissors', 'Pliable leather', 'Leather needle', 'Heavy-duty thread', 'Soldering iron or wood etcher', 'Extra leather for straps, buttons, beads or punch snaps']


  • If you have trouble pushing the needle through the leather, use a hammer and nail to create guide holes before sewing.