How to Become a Sovereign Individual

Rule your own life as a sovereign person.

If you like the idea of owning yourself and having exclusive control over your own life, then becoming a sovereign individual may be for you. When you are sovereign, you have authority over the choices you make as long as you do not violate the rights of others. According to Sovereign Life, some people who are sovereign believe in individual rights and personal privacy, do not trust political democracy, do not believe they belong to any one nation and take great measures to protect personal assets.

Rule your own life. Helio Beltrão, founder and president of Instituto Mises Brasil, states to live in a way where you acknowledge that no one can rule your life without your permission because no one knows you better than yourself. You do not have owners; therefore, you should not have to do anything to keep your freedom.

Become an expatriate. Sovereign Life says you should become an international citizen and acquire citizenship in another country. The site suggests you can enjoy tax benefits as a result.

Live like Jesus. This suggestion from Sovereign Life does not necessarily mean to convert to Christianity. Rather, follow Jesus’ example. For example, Jesus challenged authority, religious and government institutions and behaved in a way that showed others he was able to judge things for himself. He “was a truly autonomous individual.” In addition, Jesus taught that individuals did not have to seek a deity or religious figure that was distant or hard to reach because God is within everyone.

Live anonymously. Listserve states one of the best ways to live a sovereign life is to “fly under the radar.” They recommend using cash to pay for items, never applying for credit and never using your real name. In addition, use prepaid mobile phones so you do not have to link your real name to an account, use prepaid gift cards sold by credit card companies if you must use “plastic” to purchase goods and use a post office box to receive mail. Listserve also recommends you live a simple, non-flashy life.

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