In Greek mythology, Prometheus was a Titan god, and creator of mankind. However, Zeus, the King of the Gods, didn't look upon humans so kindly and Prometheus paid for his transgressions by having his liver eaten repeatedly by an eagle.

The God of Forethought

Prometheus had the ability to see the future. He knew that a war was coming between the Titan and the Olympian gods. He convinced his brother, Epimetheus that they should side with the Olympians and by doing so, escape imprisonment in Tartarus.

The Father of Creation

Prometheus was a master craftsman. He fashioned humans out of clay and water. He grew attached to his creation and wanted to give them every advantage to evolve. Prometheus stole fire from the gods on Olympus and gave it to people. He taught them how to use it for light, warmth, cooking and other crafts.

Zeus Punished Prometheus

Zeus was enraged that Prometheus had stolen the fire. He chained him to a rock and sent an eagle to eat his liver. Because Prometheus was immortal, his liver would regenerate, and the cycle of his liver being eaten by the eagle would repeat daily. Hercules eventually freed Prometheus from his torment.

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