How to Write a Thesis Statement About a Country

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Thesis statements set up your research paper and help you organize your ideas and arguments throughout the body of the paper. Creating a strong thesis statement is important, as it clearly outlines the direction you will take within your paper. Alternately, a weak thesis statement detracts from your authority as a writer and may be confusing to the audience. Writing a thesis statement about a country does not have to be difficult. Creating a strong thesis statement will ensure that your research paper about a country is relatively easy to write.

1 Have chosen

Research the country you have chosen prior to deciding on a thesis statement. You need to understand the country's background and relevant information before you decide on a direction for your paper. While conducting your research, write down information that encompasses many viewpoints; this will help you formulate your statement later on.

2 Decide of research paper

Decide what kind of research paper you are writing, as different papers require different things from the thesis statement. Analytical papers review an entire idea while breaking down the issue into parts and examining the individual components. An expository, or explanatory paper, thoroughly explains a subject to the audience. An argumentative paper takes a stance on a debate or opinion and attempts to persuade the audience in the direction that the writer has chosen. If you have any questions regarding what type of paper you are supposed to write, ask your professor for help.

3 Write an analytical thesis statement

Write an analytical thesis statement. Use the basic research you conducted earlier, as well as the type of paper you are writing, to help you decide on a stance. When creating an analytical thesis statement, you will want to explain an analysis of the country. An example of an analytical thesis statement is:

4 Reveals that the vast majority

An analysis of France's government reveals that the vast majority of politicians are supportive of the law banning burqas in public.

5 Develop an explanatory thesis statement

Develop an explanatory thesis statement by explaining the subject to the audience. An example is:

6 Place importance

French citizens place importance on using fresh ingredients in their cooking, thus, they typically visit the grocery store or farmer's market on a daily basis to purchase fresh meat, cheese, vegetables and fruit.

7 Formulate an argumentative thesis statement

Formulate an argumentative thesis statement by taking one side of an argument. You will support your argument through facts and research throughout the body of your paper.

8 Is

An example of an argumentative thesis statement is: France should be required to allow its citizens to obtain drivers' licenses at the age of 16.

  • Keep in mind that the topic of your paper may evolve as you write, so editing your thesis statement may be necessary.

Natalie Chardonnet began writing in 2006, specializing in art, history, museums and travel. In 2010, she presented a paper on those subjects at the National Conference of Undergraduate Research. Chardonnet has a Bachelor of Arts in art history and a minor in Italian studies from Truman State University, in addition to a certificate in French from Ifalpes University in Chambery, France.