French Oral Presentation Ideas

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Oral presentations are a good way to encourage students to engage with both the spoken and written parts of the French language. These presentations give students a chance to rehearse what they are going to say and can make them more confident speaking the language. Try different approaches, including having students "become" someone from French history to tell a tale.

1 Country Presentations

There are many countries in addition to France where French is the national language or where it is often used in literature or films. Ask students to choose a French-speaking country and do a oral presentation about that country. This encourages research and lets them know that French is a widely spoken language.

2 Famous Artist Presentation

Have students choose an artist, musician or writer from France or whose work is done in the French language. Ask them to present a piece of work from that individual to the class. They can play music from a composer or show the class a famous painting, or even read a brief written selection to the class.

3 Historical Person Presentation

In this presentation, students choose a person from French history who interests them. They learn about that person, then taken on their personality to relate an historic incident. Consider offering extra credit to students who don a costume for their oral presentation.

4 Dialogue

Divide the students into pairs and give them a basic scenario in which two people might be talking together. Instruct them to flesh out that basic idea and write a short dialogue that involves that theme. This can be a good project for students who may be a little shy and it can also help students pick up the rhythms of spoken French.