How to Follow Written Instructions

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How to Follow Written Instructions. Performing well in any task usually includes following written instructions. If your child gets a toy or bike for a present and you do not follow the written instructions on how to put it together then you will have one unhappy child. When you suffer from a disease or illness, you must follow your doctor's written instructions if you want to overcome the illness.

1 Read all of the written instructions

Read all of the written instructions all the way through at least once.

2 Understand the written instructions

Understand the written instructions. If you have a question reread the instructions or the part you do not understand.

3 Comprehend the instructions

Comprehend what the instructions tell you to do. Do not start to follow the instructions until you are completely clear with them. If necessary, call the person who wrote the instructions and ask any questions you still have.

4 Follow the written instructions

Follow the written instructions. Perform each step of the instructions in the exact order written. For example if the instruction says "take pill 'a' with a full glass of water and then take two pill 'b' with orange juice", make sure you take pill "a" first.

5 Keep the instructions with you

Keep the instructions with you as you follow them. Even if you think you will remember them, find and read the instructions. Follow the written instructions at the same time.

  • Take extra care when following medical written instructions. Your doctor knows how certain medications can react with other medications and will prescribe accordingly. If you do not follow the exact written instructions, the medicines could make you sick.

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