What Was the First Candy Bar Ever Invented?

The first candy bars were bittersweet.
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The first candy bar was invented by Joseph Fry. He was a fourth generation chocolatier whose great grandfather, Joseph Fry M.D. had begun making chocolate in his apothecary shop in the mid 1700s. Fry's grandfather modernized the chocolate making process by using a steam powered engine to grind chocolate. Then, in 1847 Fry discovered a way to blend cocoa butter, cocoa powder, and sugar into a paste that could be molded into a bar.

1 Fry's Chocolate Cream Bar

Fry's eating chocolate bars proved to be very popular. People had enjoyed drinking cocoa for some time, and now they had the option of carrying around a bar that could be readily enjoyed at any time. In 1866, Fry began mass producing Fry's Chocolate Cream Bar, the world's first proper candy bar, in his family's chocolate factory.