Different Kinds of Hershey's Candy Bars

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It all started with caramel. In the late 1800s, Milton Hershey needed a chocolate coating for his caramel candies. This led him to begin producing milk chocolate, which eventually led him to create the first chocolate candy bars around the turn of the century. More than 100 years later, the Hershey Company is still going strong with a wide assortment of chocolate and other confections to its credit. Candy bars are a mainstay of the production, of course, and the varieties are popular with many people.

1 Hershey's Chocolate Bar

The Hershey's chocolate bar was the first candy bar created by Hershey in 1900. The recipe for the chocolate resulted from a quest by Hershey to help more people taste and experience the delicacies of milk chocolate. At that time, only the affluent could afford to eat chocolate. Several years later, he created a variation with almonds as well. Many variations followed; Hershey's Special Dark chocolate bar was created in 1971.

2 Mr. Goodbar

The Mr. Goodbar candy bar was one of the first candy bars developed by the Hershey Company, introduced to the public in 1925. The mixture of salty, whole peanuts and milk chocolate in this candy bar was a new taste sensation at the time. People enjoyed this combination and the candy bar has remained popular throughout the years. In the 1990s the Hershey Company changed the Mr. Goodbar recipe to add more peanuts.

3 Hershey's Symphony

The Hershey Company created two Hershey's Symphony candy bars in 1989. One is simply a milk chocolate candy bar and the other contains almonds and toffee. The Hershey Company created the Symphony candy bars to be a tasty treat for the mouth in the same way that a musical symphony is a treat for the ears. The recipe for these candy bars is creamier and slightly less sweet than the regular Hershey's chocolate bar.

4 Whatchamacallit

The Hershey Company presented the Whatchamacallit candy bar to the public in 1978 as a treat with a name and a taste that are hard to forget. Inside the candy bar is a crispy peanut candy and caramel. The caramel was not a part of the original recipe and was added to the candy bar in 1987. Around the outside is a chocolate coating. In 2002, The Hershey Company updated the wrapper design.

5 Krackel

The Hershey Company created the Krackel candy bar in 1938. Over the years the Krackel candy bar has undergone several recipe changes with nuts being added and then removed to result in the current recipe containing crispy cereal and milk chocolate. The Krackel candy bar is now only available in a tiny size as a part of the Hershey's Miniatures collection.

6 Heath Toffee Bar

The Heath Toffee Bar contains toffee, almonds and chocolate. The Heath Brothers created this chocolate and toffee candy bar in 1928. Their candy company began growing and making additional products during the 1970's and 1980's until it was sold to another company in 1989. In 1996, the Hershey Company purchased this company, thereby acquiring the rights to the Health Toffee Bar. Since the Hershey Company took over production of the Heath bar, little has changed to the recipe or the wrapper design.

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