Facts About Black Magic in Hindus

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Black magic refers to a set of supernatural practices that can cause misfortune, or even death, to others. It is believed to be an ancient science that made use of mantras, or the power of thought, to bring about results. These mantras are very powerful. Like positive thoughts can be used to bring us fortunes, negative thoughts can bring us misfortune, too. Black magic is believed to have been practiced all over the world.

1 Black Magic and Negativity

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All human beings are affected by both positive and negative forces that exist around them. We get affected by negative energy when the energy existing in our body is weaker than the negative energy that comes in contact with us. The Hindus believe in the presence of an aura, or energy field surrounding the physical bodies. This aura is filled with electromagnetic energy of varying frequencies. Hinduism also believes that the aura around humans consist of several layers corresponding to bodily, emotional, intellectual and religious elements. The auras may be easily affected by negative forces, and black magic is actually a form of negative energy that affects the aura of an individual. Black magic can affect a person physically and mentally. It can disrupt logical thinking.

2 Hindu Acts of Black Magic

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Black magic is normally practiced by Hindus, using things like lemons and chilies. The strings of lemon and chilies with negative energy prevailing in them are placed at busy places, and these things transfer the negative energy into the pedestrians who cross the string. Several Hindu black magicians perform rituals that involve skulls. They even perform animal or human sacrifice. Many Hindus believe in the use of black magic in curing diseases, to take revenges, to acquire wealth or to attract an unwilling companion.

3 Ways to Deal with Black Magic

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Hinduism has preached several traditional practices to protect us and our belongings from the evils of black magic. The humans are expected to grow above the inhuman or animal characters and practice self-control. The Hindus have followed several traditional practices for several ages to protect themselves from the evils of black magic. Hindus draw rangolis, or auspicious pictures, before the threshold of their houses, hang strings of mango leaves at the front door, light lamps and hang pictures of deities to ward off any negative energy. Hindus also believe that religious music, prayers and mantras can ward off any effects of black magic. The strongest weapon against black magic is faith in a higher power.

4 Fear of Skeptics

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By this principle, you do not have to believe in any entity that is unknown to you. So, you are trained to reject the negative forces completely. By this principle, you believe that no negative power can ever affect you. You build a sense of security that further strengthens your aura and resists negativity. This principle works through the development of a scientific temper. The mothers play a very important role in developing this security in children.

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