Examples of Good Manners & Right Conduct

Examples of Good Manners & Right Conduct
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Some might argue that when you know better, you do better. This may not apply to the individual that is not quite sure about good manners and conduct. An excellent starting point is understanding how to show gratitude and appreciation, as well as taking into consideration the opinions and views of others.

1 The Friendly Stranger

The Friendly Stranger
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An important aspect of understanding good manners is to be considerate of the everyday stranger. Good manners toward a stranger does not have to mean sparking up a conversation with every person you pass on the street. It can, however, include small but common courtesies. Some examples would include holding the door for people entering and exiting near you, or exchanging a "You're Welcome" for a "Thank You" when the situation calls for it.

2 Follow Up

Follow Up
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In the event that you are extended an invitation, make it a point to always follow up with your response. Whether this means sending an R.S.V.P. for a wedding, or confirming a doctor's appointment by phone, it is always courteous to let the person on the other end of an invitation know that you will or will not be in attendance. The best way to stay consistent with this conduct is to remember you are treating the other party in the situation the way you would like to be treated.

3 The Art of Listening

The Art of Listening
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A good listener is someone to be valued. Perhaps one of the most intolerable acts of bad manners is interruption. In any situation, whether it be taking part in a business meeting or talking with an old friend, it is nice to know you are being heard. Although interruption can sometimes seem natural in conversation, making the effort to hear out someone else's thoughts and ideas shows that you are a good listener and that you value what is being said.

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