Eighth Grade Research Paper Ideas

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Eighth grade research papers primarily focus on learning how to research a topic and document that research properly. These important skills will enable eighth grade students to write well-researched papers, while drawing conclusions, when they attend high school. Students needing eighth grade research paper ideas should find a topic that covers an historical time period, current issue or personal interests.

1 Historical Ideas

Pick an historical topic to find research easily. The events documented in the 20th century contain a variety of first-hand source materials such as film, interviews and pictures. Many national newspapers archived their accounts of events such as President Kennedy's assassination, the Civil Rights movement, the Nixon Watergate scandal, the Space Program, Vietnam War, Holocaust or the Depression. A research paper idea such as an historical event or an historical person needs to be narrowed down so that you can research fully one aspect of that person or event. Any president will make an interesting eighth grade research paper idea because each president uniquely affected America.

2 Current Issues Ideas

Current issues that have a world-wide affect can be easy to research. Experts routinely publish findings on topics such as animal rights, gun control, the death penalty, global warming, immigration and so on, as they research how these topics affect people. Take an issue that affects your community and learn more about the options available for these current issues. Look at other countries for different perspectives on human rights, education, universal health care, elderly care or labor unions, to compare how America approaches problems differently. Research alternative fuel sources or compare and contrast the benefits and dangers of nuclear power. Decide if space exploration should be a priority over other national concerns. Eighth grade research paper ideas can also focus on how these issues will affect tomorrow's leaders.

3 Favorite Interest Ideas

Choose your favorite interest to write an eighth grade research paper. Though music and sports are broad topics, narrow your interest to research on a specific facet of the music industry or sports leagues. Pick a favorite musician or athlete and research influences in that person's life. If you have a certain hobby, research its origins or influence on society. Any particular interests in a science, such as astronomy, medicine, botany, zoology and so on, can develop into a research paper on the significance of that science. Pick a favorite author or artist and research their work. If any family members have ever served in the armed forces, write about the history of that branch of the military.

Rebecca Bagwell is an educator with a bachelor's degree in secondary education from Trinity Baptist College. She has taught in China and the United States. While overseas she started writing articles in 2006 for bilingual trade journals. Now, she lives in the South where she homeschools and writes freelance articles encouraging creative approaches to education.